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  • In-hand bridle
  • Decorated dog collars
  • Rolled Half-Choke collar
  • Hazel bridle leather
  • Staffie collar & lead
  • selection of tools used in making leather products
  • Blanket carrier
  • Raised Flash bridle
  • Marshalsay Belts
  • Dark Green Leathergoods
  • Whitson
  • Spliced Half-Choke collar & lead
  • Raised dog collar
  • Sun & Moon collar
  • Whitson3
  • Wye Valley Belts
  • Sight-Hound Collars
  • Cattle Halters
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Handmade British bridle leather dog collars & leads, leather belts, saddlery, sheep and cattle halters & also commissions by Emma S. Baker-Jones.


New Website coming soon!

In the next month or so I will be launching a super duper much improved, mobile friendly website! It's going to be much easier to use wherever you are and full of useful info and images.
For now if you have any difficulties or queries that you need help with, just give me a call (tel. 01981 500540) or email and I'll be happy to sort you out!

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